10 Fast Facts About Henry Cole And His Motorcycle TV Show

Henry Cole is a well-known British TV presenter, director, and producer. Above all, he is a motorcycle fanatic who aims to share his enthusiasm for just about anything on two wheels while debunking the cultural cliches surrounding motorcyclists. Ironically, Henry is unfairly misunderstood and gets a lot of stick for his style. Worse still, some people rate his motorcycle show so poorly that it doesn’t make it to the ten best Tv shows for motorcycle lovers. However, despite the heavy criticism, true motorcycle aficionados appreciate the level of diversity displayed on Henry Cole’s ‘The Motorbike Show.’

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The Motorbike Show has something for everyone, from bike restorations, all sorts of motorcycle races, a look back at some of the best motorcycles ever made, interviews, and some incredible road trips delivered with tons of humor. In addition, the rawness and authenticity within The Motorbike Show ensure that it’s a relatively entertaining and engaging show to binge on. Considering Henry Cole’s slightly eccentric yet charming character, this is a show every motorcycle enthusiast should watch. However, before adding the TV show to your binge list, here are a few fast facts you need to know about Henry Cole and The Motorbike Show.

Ultimate Motorcycling Has Exclusive Rights To Henry’s Show

Henry Cole Gladstone Motorcycles

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The Motorbike Show is rather popular in the UK, usually appearing weekly on mainstream TV. On the other hand, Henry Cole and his motorcycle show are relatively unknown since British TV shows rarely get aired in the USA. However, the show gets mentioned briefly once in a while through motorcycle show reviews. Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine recognized the show’s potential in the US media industry and seized the opportunity.

Henry Cole Collection

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The small but passionate company had interviewed Henry Cole on a few occasions; therefore, it was pretty easy to access him and work out a partnership for rights to his show. As a result, Ultimate Motorcycling Magazine became the exclusive online distributor for The Motorbike Show in the USA from 2016.

The Motorbike Show Features Amazing Vintage Motorbikes

1922 Brough Superior

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Part of what makes The Motorbike Show so good is its recognition of motorcycle history. Henry showcases his love for motorcycles with every episode, and you can’t help but get amazed at his unique sense of motorcycle history. Interestingly, some episodes in the series introduce amazing vintage bikes that even the most avid enthusiasts otherwise forgot about.

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Hnery Cole Vintage Riding

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In the first episode of series 2, Henry Cole presents and rides a rare Brough Superior super sports motorcycle. Henry also takes the biggest riding challenge in series 6, the 1960 Original Norton Commando Production Racer, popularly known as ‘The Yellow Peril.’ At one point in series 7, viewers see Sam Lovegrove and Henry Cole restore a vintage WLC Harley. At the same time, the quintessential Enfield Bullet makes a memorable comeback in episodes 3 and 4.

Henry Cole Buys And Restores Classic Bikes

Sam And Henry Restoration

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There’s always something special about bringing an old, abandoned machine back to life. And if you love a good restoration journey, then The Motorbike Show satisfies your curiosity with a variety of projects. Henry Cole and his friends derive great pleasure from purchasing broken-down motorcycles and delivering a different restoration story in almost every series.

Henry Cole Auction

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Series 1 kicks off with Henry Cole embarking on a spirited attempt to restore a beloved old Honda model. Pete Thorne stars in series 2 with an admirable restoration of a 1981 Yamaha XT500 trail bike. Other memorable restorations include a ‘basket case’ Triumph Bonneville, a vintage WLC Harley-Davidson, a rare BSA Goldstar, a Streetfighter, and a rare 1970s Chopper.

Henry Cole Attempts Land Speed Records

Henry Cole Salt Flats

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If you binge on The Motorbike Show for long enough, you realize that Henry Cole is not just another TV presenter. After buying and completely restoring the bikes, he unveils them and races them. In series 5 of The Motorbike Show, Henry makes up his mind to set a new land speed record. The bike of choice? A ‘Baby Pendine’ 750cc Brough Superior motorcycle.

Henry Cole Salt Flats Record

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Henry visits engine-whisperer Sam Lovegrove and convinces him to help restore the motorcycle. In 2013, Henry Cole raced the bike on the Utah Bonneville Salt Flats and successfully set a new land speed record of 104.298mph in the MA 750AVF class. Following his debut success as a racer, Henry Cole has since been an official rider for the Brough Superior team.

The Motorbike Show Airs Motorcycle Events

Henry Cole Motorcycle Reporter

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One of the most notable things about The Motorbike Show is that it’s never confined within a studio space. Henry Cole and his crew are always up and about doing something exciting. In some of these outdoor excursions, The Motorbike Show brings viewers along to motorcycle racing events. Or any other major motorcycle event around the UK, for that matter.

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Henry Cole Bike4Life

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The first event on The Motorbike Show, a public bike show in Stafford, arrived in series 3. Later on in the series, Henry gets to experience the Wall of Death and participates in the Brighton Custom Show. Other memorable events include the Oulton Park race in series four and the Bike for Life ride out in series 6.

Henry Cole Interviews Some Big Names In Motorcycling

Henry Cole Interview

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Surprisingly, Henry Cole knows a lot of people around the motorcycle industry. His ability to network and make new friends has allowed him to gain easy access to some of the biggest names in motorcycling. As a result, The Motorbike Show has aired some of the best motorcycling interviews out there.

Henry Cole Interview

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Right off the bat on the first-ever Motorbike Show episode, Henry Cole rides on the Isle of Man TT circuit and gets a chance to interact with superbike ace Chris Walker. The show has also hosted sidecar legend Dave Molyneux, Enduro legend David Knight, bike builder extraordinaire Alan Milyard, and Zef Eisenberg.

Henry Cole Discovers The Worlds Best Motorcycling Roads

Henry Cole Triumph Motorbike

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Henry Cole is a motorcycle adventurer, and he doesn’t shy away from sharing this passion with viewers. Considering the countless motorcycling roads worldwide, every series of The Motorbike TV Show represents his commitment to discover and ride on the best motorcycling roads the world has to offer.

Henry Cole South Africa

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The first episode of The Motorbike Show introduces one of the world’s most famous racing destinations, the Isle of Man TT circuit. Throughout the third, fourth, and fifth series, Henry Cole showcases amazing sceneries and some of the best places to ride a motorcycle in the UK. Other great destinations highlighted in the show include famous American highways, South African dual-sport touring, Wales’ iconic Devil’s Bridge, Portugal’s Algarve, Spain, and the South of France.

The Motorbike Show Is Britain’s Longest Running Motorcycle Program

Henry Cole BTS

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The Motorbike Show first aired in 2011 on Britain’s mainstream TV channel, ITV. The pilot series premiered with a relatively entertaining two-part series that opened up the UK’s world of motorcycling. The success of this first short series provided an excellent springboard for two more two-part series.

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Henry Cole Vintage Bike

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The first three short series for The Motorbike Show proved engaging with diverse activities and tons of humor, eventually driving viewership ratings through the roof. Fast-forward to 2021, and The Motorbike Show is still going strong with nine successful series under the belt. With the tenth series already underway, The Motorbike Show is well-deservedly Britain’s longest-running motorcycle program.

Henry Cole Owns The Tv Production Company That Makes His Shows

Henry Cole Friends

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The Motorbike Show has become such a success due to its ability to connect with the viewers. The TV show feels authentic because it doesn’t feel scripted, and instead, it portrays real people making natural interactions. Furthermore, the show is not confined to one physical location with the same setup over and over. Instead, viewers can go on different fun adventures with Henry Cole and his crew without leaving the house.

Henry Cole Custom Bike

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Unknown to the majority, Henry Cole owns HCA Entertainment, the TV production company that makes The Motorbike Show. Henry Cole is not tied to any scripts or limited on content to include in his show. He runs everything! Henry freely enlists his close friends, and their bond and sense of humor are the secret ingredients that keep viewers coming back for more episodes.

Henry Cole Shares Personal Life Experiences

Henry Cole Harley Bike

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Henry Cole adds a personal touch to The Motorcycle Show by cleverly gelling his experiences and parts of his everyday life into it. And no, not the Keeping Up With The Kardashians type of setup. Rather, Henry casually shares his personal stories and experiences revolving around the motorcycles, people, and the places he interacts with during the show.

Henry Cole Garage

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Henry’s experience in TV and Film makes him such a great storyteller and narrator. He often delivers an interesting and informative back story about certain motorcycles that you can’t read anywhere. In addition, Henry is a family man, and he introduced his sons in series four as he began teaching them to ride motorcycles. Through sharing his personal life and opinions, Henry Cole makes it fairly easy for viewers to bond with him and The Motorcycle Show.

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