2017 model Toyota Fortuner modified with Legender kit & black PPF looks neat

2017 model Toyota Fortuner modified with Legender kit & black PPF looks neat

Toyota Fortuner has been the most popular SUV in its segment for a very long time. Fortuner is a popular SUV in India and internationally. Just like many other products from Toyota, Fortuner is also a highly reliable vehicle and comes with a low cost of maintenance too. We have seen several modified versions of this SUV from different parts of the country. One of the recent trend among the Fortuner owners that we have seen on the internet is that they convert their SUV to look like Legender as buying a new one is going to be an expensive affair. Here we have one such video where the owner of a 2017 model Toyota Fortuner has been neatly updated to look like Legender.

The video has been uploaded by Arun Panwar on his YouTube channel. In this video, the vlogger shows how a 2017 model pre-facelift model Toyota Fortuner was neatly converted to look like a Legender. We have featured many such conversion projects on our website but this one is different as the owner did not completely change the colour of the car. The work on this Fortuner was done by Wrapaholix which is a workshop with outlets in Delhi and Haryana. The team starts working on the car by removing the stock grille, headlamps, bumper from the front. The rear bumper on this SUV was also removed.

Once this was done, they started working on fixing the minors dents and scratches on the car. They filled putty and sanded the excess putty away to achieve an even finish. The chrome elements on the car were all removed as the owner was going for an all-black theme. The interior was also being customised, so the door pads and seats were all removed from the vehicle. The stock colour of the car was a deep maroon shade and the interior was also in a darker shade. Damping was done on all the doors and then the whole car was thoroughly washed to remove all dirt and dust.

2017 model Toyota Fortuner modified with Legender kit & Black PPF looks the business [Video]

The car was then taken to the studio for wrapping. The owner was not repainting the whole car in Black colour. Instead he went for a high gloss black PPF which would help him achieve the desired look and also offer protection to the paint underneath. The front and rear bumper were painted in the same black shade and once the PPF was applied, they also installed the aftermarket Legender headlamps, fog lamps and tail lamps. The stock alloy wheels on the Fotuner were also painted black for an even look.

The interior of this Fortuner were redone. The door pads and the steering wheel was wrapped in leather. There were hydro-dipped plastic panels on the center console, door and steering wheel. The stock seat covers were all replaced with a light brown coloured custom-made seat covers. The roof liner was also changed and the pillars were also painted to get an even finish. The overall look of the car is different from a regular Fortuner and the overall cost of installing this Legender kit in a Fortuner is Rs 1.30 lakh. This includes the front and rear bumper, headlamps and tail lamps and the front grille, paint job and labour cost. PPF cost is not mentioned in the video.

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