2022 BMW Motorrad K-series tourers – four models, K1600GT, K1600GTL, K1600B and Grand America

2022 BMW Motorrad K-series tourers – four models, K1600GT, K1600GTL, K1600B and Grand America

Big news from BMW Motorrad, literally, as it releases four new K-series touring motorcycles – the 2022 BMW Motorrad K1600GT, K1600GTL and the K1600B. As the suffixes denote, the K1600GT is BMW Motorrad’s take on the large displacement touring motorcycle with an emphasis on the sports.

Meanwhile, the K1600GTL is the luxury version, coming as it does with a full set of motorcycle touring luggage. Rounding out the new quartet of tourers is the K1600B, done in the bagger style with side panniers and omitting the top box and the K1600 Grand America.

Now Euro5 compliant, the K1600 bikes get 160 hp, same as the previous generation K1600 engine, from the 1,649 cc inline-six cylinder. However, peak power for the K1600’s power plant comes in at 6,750 rpm, 1,000 rpm lower than before.

Torque takes a bump, going from 175 Nm to 180 Nm at 5,250 rpm while torque control, what BMW Motorrad calls engine drag torque control MSR and we know as an anti-rear wheel hop device, prevents wheel skip while down changing hard through the gears.

Now coming as standard equipment is Dynamic ESA “Next Generation” electronic suspension with suspension damping automatically set for riding conditions and manoeuvres. Additionally, the electronic suspension also compensates for riding position and fore-and-aft balance depending on rider, pillion and luggage weight.

A new headlight assembly on the K1600 now comes with LED adaptive lighting. This allows the K1600’s headlight swivels to illuminate the corner while the bike is turning, while also sweeping through a two-degree arc to adjust for ride height depending on passenger and luggage load.

Inside the cockpit, a new 10.25-inch LCD display features integrated map navigation and connectivity to the rider’s smartphone. BMW Motorrad’s Audio System 2.0, delivering what the Munich firm calls a new digital sound experience, is standard equipment on the K1600GTL and the K1600 Grand America, while being a factory-fitted option on the K1600GT and the K1600B.

Other riding conveniences include a USB charging port, two 12 volt power sockets, heated seat and grips, hill hold control, traction control, ABS, cruise control and tyre pressure control. There are also four user configurable buttons which the rider can use to set preferred menu items for quick selection, for example, radio or navigation.

Each of the new K1600 touring motorcycles comes in three colour scheme choices – a basic scheme in Black Storm Metallic, a style variant and Option 719. For the K1600B and the K1600 Grand America, Option 719 “Midnight” gives a model specific colour scheme in Meteoric Dust II metallic with the “Galaxy” theme depicted using the water transfer printing method.

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