5 Car Mods That Prove You’re A Ricer (5 Modifications Everyone Should Do To Their Cars)

5 Car Mods That Prove You’re A Ricer (5 Modifications Everyone Should Do To Their Cars)

Cars are often viewed by enthusiasts as their very own “blank canvas”, where they can truly express themselves and make their cars stand out from the rest. There’s no such thing as a standard to follow when it comes to modifications, and the only limiting factor would just be the depth of your pockets.

If you’ve been involved with the car scene long enough, you’d probably understand right now that each build serves its own unique purpose to the owner, whatever platform, or whatever car it may be. Quite simply, there are endless possibilities when it comes to car modification. However, not every aftermarket part is designed to enhance the performance or the look of your car, as there are some modifications that actually do more harm than good.

Ricer: Blinking Brake Lights

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Car manufacturers are now developing night lighting technologies to further aid nighttime driving. Taking matters into your own hands regarding this matter might not sit very well with your surroundings, atleast with the guy who’s behind you. Blinking brake lights does not only irritate the driver behind you, it also poses danger, especially to a person that’s prone to epileptic seizures.

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Furthermore, you might find yourself pulled over by the local police and be issued a ticket, as road rules suggest that there should be a sustained bright red light visible when the brakes are applied.

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Must Have: Performance Tires

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Whether building your car for show or go, putting in a set of high performance tires would not only enhance your car’s handling capabilities, but it would also add to the look of your car.

Nissan GT-R NISMO SE wheels brakes

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The thing is, having surefooted handling is one thing that would come in handy, whether or not you’re out for some spirited driving, or just making your way to the grocery store.

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Ricer: Fake Brembo Caliper Covers

fake brembo (bimmerfest)

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Brembo is one of the world’s leading braking systems manufacturer, but there’s one thing they don’t make and won’t make — caliper covers.

fake brembo (carrevsdaily)

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First of all, it’s really a silly thing to do to make your calipers look like they’re made by Brembo just for street cred. In fact, you’re risking brake failure in exchange for visual appeal, as these caliper covers hinder the calipers’ capability to cool down. And when they overheat, you’re in heaps of trouble.

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Must Have: Uprated Brake Pads

brakes (mx5blog.co.uk)

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Brake pads might not give you that visual appeal you’re looking for, but swapping out your stock pads for better-performing pads adds as a safety feature for your precious toy.


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Stock pads only work well when subject to normal driving conditions, where you don’t always hard on the brakes from high speeds. However, if you want to take your car to the track, putting on uprated brake pads might actually be a good thing, as it could operate better on higher temperatures, and become less susceptible to brake fade, allowing you to stay on the track for an extended period of time.

Ricer: Fake Exhausts

fake exhaust (carscoops)

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Okay, this is a trend in modern automotive design that really needs to go because it makes no sense at all. Basically, this only gives the designer a little more creative freedom in designing the rear part of the car and make it a little sportier.

fake exhaust (carthrottle)

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At this point, putting on fake exhausts is comparable to the non-BMW M cars that wear the M badge, and those that put on fake hood scoops that only adds drag to the car.

Must Have: Bucket Seats

Cayman GT4 bucket seats yellow trim

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This might be an asterisk in this list, as not everyone might find sitting in bucket seats comfortable. However, for people who are after form and function, then bucket seats offer just that.

interior shot of 911 gt3 992 carbon bucket seats

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These seats offer raised bolsters to catch you from falling out of your seat when doing high-G corners, and they give that sporty look which is a thumbs up from your car guy friends.

Ricer: Excessive Chrome Trim

chrome (carscoops)

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Honestly, chrome adds to the elegance of the car, making it look more upscale. Which is why back in the 60s or the 70s, we see cars with chrome bumpers and mirrors, and even extends to window trims.

chrome (gencoupe)

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However, as the saying goes, too much of something is always bad. Putting in too much chrome, especially on a black sports car, would make it less of a Rolls-Royce, but more like a hearse.

Must Have: Lightweight Forged Wheels


Together with high-performance tires, lightweight forged wheels not only enhance your car’s visual appearance, but it also helps in boosting your car’s overall performance. Like fuel consumption, for example.

Subaru STI volk te37

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What it does is, it basically gives you lower rotational inertia, the part where the engine has less difficulty in making the wheels spin. When the engine is less strained, it accelerates faster, at the same time, it burns less fuel, and with less fuel burned, meaning more mileage for your car.

Ricer: Rear Bumper Delete

bumper delete (honda-tech)

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This is a common misconception that because of the way they are designed, especially in Honda models, the rear bumper acts as a giant parachute dragging the car down. In fact, it’s true, but it only works for “10 second cars,” as in cars that go over 100 mph over the quarter mile.

civic no bumper (hondasafarijpn)

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But for “10 second street cars,” meaning cars that take 10 seconds to reach 60 mph, it doesn’t do much. For the ordinary street guy, this modification could pass as overkill, not to mention, an eye-candy for highway patrol.

Must Have: Suspension Upgrade (Lowering Springs/Adjustable Coilovers)

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We’re down to the last must-have on our list, and this would definitely do wonders whether you have a souped-up sports car, or a trail-ready 4×4.


Suspension upgrades such as adjustable coilovers and lowering springs provide a sportier ride to your precious toy, and makes your car sit lower (or higher) to the ground for that visual appeal. Not to mention, a well-sorted suspension could shave seconds off your laptime, or save your 4×4’s underbody from trail damage.

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