6 Tips for Sports Car Rental in Thailand

6 Tips for Sports Car Rental in Thailand

Do you intend to go to Thailand for your vacation? Do you wish to rent a sports car to make your trip more comfortable, relaxing, and memorable? Most people looking for convenient and comfortable transport in Thailand hire luxury cars. These cars are luxurious and can be found in many car rental companies in the kingdom of Thai. If you are planning to rent a sports car in this country, here are six tips that you will find useful:

1. Prior Research

Sometimes being spontaneous works. Sometimes it doesn’t. If you intend to rent a sports car in Thailand, it is important that you do your research before the trip. Or you can do in on Google by using a local term like เช่ารถสปอร์ต and select trusted company.

You don’t want to end up using a different type of car because you don’t have a reservation. Ensure you plan, then make a reservation. This will help you secure the car before arriving at your destination. You are also likely to get a better deal when you book the car in advance, compared to negotiating it at the counter.

2. Age Requirements

Car rental companies in Thailand set the minimum age. In most companies, the driver should be at least 21 years old. In some, he should be at least 23. Drivers under these ages or above 65 are considered ‘risk’ drivers. If you are below 21 or above 65 years old, you may want to travel with someone between 21 and 65. Let him be the designated driver.

3. Inspect the Sports Car Before you Leave

While the car rental companies in Thailand will ensure they inspect the sports car before handing it over to you, it is important that you also take your time to examine it. It is normal for human beings to make mistakes. As such, some details can be missed even by the most meticulous of inspectors. This is especially because cars are usually turned around pretty fast.

Since the car will also be examined when checking it back in, you do want to be held responsible for any damage caused by the previous driver. Therefore, take your time and examine it carefully. Note any dents, marks, or scratches on the car rental contract.

4. Driving License

Thailand’s car rental companies require that drivers be experienced for at least one year. Luxury cars like sports cars are usually reserved for drivers who are more experienced. Driving in Thailand requires that you have either an International Drivers Permit or a valid Thai driving license. In some cases, your home country’s driving license may work. However, you may not benefit from insurance cover. While driving, you must carry your driving license, passport photo, and visa. Otherwise, you may be heavily fined by the Thai police if they stop you.

5. Consider Your Luggage

Most luxury cars including sports cars have limited storage. It is therefore good that you avoid carrying lots of luggage that you will not be able to fit into the rented sports car. Just park enough. Ensure you are able to transport everyone that has traveled with you if you are not alone, and that you can take all your luggage to your hotel.

6. Return a Clean Car

Most likely, you are going to be given a very clean car. You are not likely to get a dirty car. And in the event you are given one, chances are that you won’t take it until it is well cleaned. For this reason, ensure to clean your rented sports car before taking it back. Check for any left trash inside and throw it. Then take the car to a nice car wash. Before you return the car, confirm that you did not leave any of your belongings inside. Refuel your rental sports car if you are expected to. Return the car on the expected day, time, and location. This will depend on your sports car rental company.

Bottom Line

Sports car rental in Thailand will come in handy anytime you want to go and have some fun in the country. Sports cars offer comfort, luxury, and convenience. It is fun driving them. Their prices may not be friendly enough to allow you to purchase one, but this should not prevent you from enjoying the fun that comes from driving them. Consider renting one and feel the joy they bring. Hopefully, you found the above six tips useful!

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