6abc’s Auto Experience navigates the industry’s trending topics

PHILADELPHIA (WPVI) — Take a ride with the experts in the auto industry during 6abc’s Auto Experience.

Karen Rogers and Ducis Rodgers are joined by automotive experts Maria Pacifico and Kevin Mazzucola to navigate the biggest issues impacting the automotive world today.

Experts from Motor Trend, Kelley Blue Book and Edmunds provide insights on the industry’s trending topics, from Covid cars to electric vehicles and how one tiny piece of technology is changing everything for automakers and shoppers.

Automakers persevere through pandemic
The global pandemic has created major challenges for the automotive industry.

Shutdowns have affected manufacturing, forcing some dealerships to close and others to adjust to a new way of selling vehicles.

But nothing has been quite as impactful as the microchip shortage that has halted production on millions of vehicles worldwide. While manufacturers continue to build exciting new products and push toward electric powertrains, the shortages in products are evident on dealer lots around the country.

6 must-see new vehicles rev up the automotive world
Take a look at six exciting new products entering the automotive market.

A mix of affordable sports cars, luxury SUVs and halo cars are grabbing attention and hitting showrooms soon.

Electric vehicles are transforming the automotive industry

The next decade could be transformational in the automotive industry.

The accelerating production of electric vehicles is changing the game for manufacturers and driving enthusiasts. EV production is at an all-time high with sports cars, trucks and SUVs all being produced with electric powertrains.

The perks have drivers praising the joy provided by the propulsion of electricity. But questions remain about the vehicle’s infrastructure, power and range.

Pottstown is one of America’s best car towns
Pottstown’s main drag converts into a car show on the first Saturday of the month from May through October.

Car lovers from across the region bring their rides to town. They share tips, tricks, stories and more as they show off their vehicles.

The town closes its main street with restaurants, beer gardens and food trucks making it a family fun experience.

The show is sponsored by the Red Horse Motoring Club. The private car club is part of Pottstown’s historic love affair with cars.

The former dealership has been converted into a club space with multiple bars, a garage for storing vehicles and a large gathering space for events.

Red Horse Motoring Club | Facebook | Instagram
132 East 3rd Street, Pottstown, PA 19464

Driving Away the Cold provides new coats for kids around Philadelphia
Auto Dealers are more than just car salespeople. They often act as coaches for little league teams or host special events for the community.

The Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia has brought together more than 175 dealers in the area to support the Driving Away the Cold Program.

The initiative started in 2007 and this fall they will have given away more than half a million coats to local children in need.

Auto Dealers Association of Greater Philadelphia | Facebook | Instagram

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