Benefits of buying original spare parts

Benefits of buying original spare parts

For some, a car is an essential part of their lives while for others, it is a trusted friend they can always rely on. For your car to remain in good working condition, it is important that you always buy original spare parts for it.

It is also important to note that an original car part for one brand may not work in another brand. This is because each car brand is unique and so are its spare parts. Therefore, Alex Musaazi, a mechanic, says it is important to use spare parts meant for your car brand.

“Many car owners want to substitute original spare parts with compatible parts. While compatible parts may cost less than original parts and sometimes work efficiently, there is a possibility of the part working for half the lifetime an original part would have. However, there are some car brands that, without a glitch, use car parts from other brands.  For example, most Toyota cars share spare parts although it is not always a one-size-fits-all,” he says, adding that it is important, even with Toyotas to be vigilant before making the purchase.

Aldrine Kitaka, a mechanic, says genuine parts will allow your car to operate as though it were brand new because they fit well and were specifically designed for that car type.

“The problem is that not every car owner can easily tell original parts from alternative or counterfeit spare parts, making it easy for them to get conned. This is why looking out for a store dealing in original parts or a dealership of your car type parts helps in case an issue arises,” Kitaka advises.

When a car owner works with original spare parts, they are working with parts that agree with their car’s parameters as set by the manufacturer.

“They enable the car to perform well since they work in perfect sync with the other parts in the car. This is because when working with parts other than the original, there is a possibility of some car parts getting damaged, which will eventually damage the others. In this case, the car will continually fail which is costly,” Kitaka says, adding that using counterfeit parts may also cause other mechanical failures.

According to, original parts are made using the same material and under the same quality as those originally fitted in the car during manufacture and assembling. Additionally, they have the same tolerance and resistance.

“This makes original spare parts safe because they offer the car owner a guarantee of an unaltered level of performance. On the contrary, there is no guarantee that pirated parts will sync with the part in the vehicle. In case of difference, the wear and tear may be intensified which could compromise safety hence not advisable,” the site states.

Original car part dealers have a name to keep and have every reason to ensure their clients are satisfied. That is why their parts have a warranty; a written deal to the buyer that what is said of the part is true and should it be, or it will be replaced or repaired.

“That is unlike pirated spare parts, where there is neither factory certification nor assurance of the parts having been tested to ensure they comply with your car type’s needs and standards,” states.

Apart from having a warranty, original spare parts come with a guarantee regarding the authenticity of the part and a promise that should the manufacturer’s word become questionable (when the quality of the product is below what the part manufacturer said it to be), it will be replaced, repaired or money refunded.

“Such a promise can only be given by a person certain of the quality of the spare parts they are selling. Therefore, a car owner can rest assured that say, for five years after buying the part, there will be hassle-free driving,” Kitaka says.

Original parts, compared to pirated or alternative spare parts are easier to install because they fit like a glove in their specified spaces.

“Original spare parts have similar durability, precision and strength, which cannot be said of other options. Owing to that, fitting them into the car is easier because you are not worried about whether it will break as you are fitting it or if it will fit in the assigned space anyway,” Kitaka says. adds that when a part is crafted by the car manufacturers, it will be fully compatible with the rest of the car parts. This means one is assured of hardware integrity because there is no deviation in material, strength and functionality, which means a peace of mind after installation.

When a car owner purchases a spare part that is in sync with those in their car, they are assured that the part will last longer. When spare parts are of the same make, Musaazi says, chances of mechanical malfunction are reduced. Regardless of how costly a spare part was, if it is of a different make from what is in the vehicle, chances of having problems with the part in a short while are high owing to poor or no compatibility.

While counterfeited spare parts usually cost less than original parts, using them in your car means frequent car breakdowns which is not only inconveniencing but also time consuming and costly.

“Ultimately, what a car owner thought they were saving by buying pirated spare parts is spent on frequent garage visits, which escalates maintenance costs. The frequent removal and replacement of parts also increases the wear and tear of the surrounding car parts which affects the condition of the whole car,” Kitaka says.

A vehicle fitted with original parts operates at optimal level and is thus less of a liability unless the car brand has factory mishaps.

“Apart from serving its owner well, if they should desire to sell it off, the resale value is higher than that which is fitted with alternative or even counterfeit spare parts. This is because wear and tear is minimised, hence fewer maintenance costs which is appealing to a prospective buyer,” Musaazi says.

Tips to help you choose the right shop for your car spare parts

 •Reputed and Popular. Always purchase spare parts from authorised mechanic shops or agencies. This is because they sell you the genuine and verified parts for the particular brand you are looking for. They do not provide you with cheaper variants or duplicates of original parts.

•Provides warranty. Warranty is an important thing to consider when you are shopping for spare parts. It acts like an assurance that you can get your money back or the parts will be replaced, in case they turn out to be faulty. So, always choose a shop that offers a certain warranty on their spare parts for a much more value for money service.

•Clear the prices. Why should you pay extra for something which does not cost that much. So, always choose a dealer who will offer you a price within the budget you have in mind and compare it with others to check if they are overcharging or not.

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