Best Car Modifications | Top 7 Legal Car Modifications You Can Do Without Breaking the Law

Best Car Modifications | Top 7 Legal Car Modifications You Can Do Without Breaking the Law

Legal Car Modifications in India

Legal Car Modifications in India (Representational Image)


  • Extreme modifications to cars are banned by the Supreme Court of India.
  • There are some modifications that are not illegal.
  • From wheel caps to blacked wheels, check out these five examples of legal modification.

Legal Car Modifications: The modification business or most commonly known as aftermarket is a risky one, especially with cars. Section 52 of The Motor Vehicles Act, 1988 states that no owner of their motorcycle can make alterations to their vehicle that otherwise changes the “originally specified by the manufacturer.”

As a result of which, something as simple as dark-tinted glass is equally illegal as riding without a helmet – in both cases, the owner can receive a penalty or fine. However, here are five modifications you can make to your car without fear of breaking the law.

Wheel cub Ferrari - For representational purpose
Wheel cub (Ferrari – For representational purpose)

Wheel caps

Although most cars now come with alloy wheels, yet the base variant of entry-level hatchbacks, sedans etc still come with wheel hubs that cover the steel wheel. You can change these wheel bubs, or better – you can even convert the pairs for alloy options, the likes of which will leave you spoiled in the aftermarket. However, make sure you buy these aftermarket alloys from reputed brands.

Honda Civic Type R For representational purpose
Honda Civic Type R (For representational purpose)

New Bulbs

Another feature that is expected to completely phase out and it’s just a matter of time, is light bulbs. Most manufacturers now fit their cars with LED bulbs, however, the base trims of some models still come fitted with halogen bulbs. So, if you think the latter’s brightness isn’t visible enough, you can change them and won’t even be fined.

Hyundai Sonata For representational purpose
Hyundai Sonata (For representational purpose)

New Tyres

This modification completely alters the way a car behaves and drives. There are basically two kinds of people who modify wheels – one, who do it simply for aesthetic purpose and to stand out in a crowd, the other who wants to extract more cornering prowess and thereby performance from their cars. If you want to modify your bike, just be wary of one thing – check the wheel size, diameter, and speeds you can use with the wheel. You can find all this information on the side of the wheels.

BMW X3 For representational purpose
BMW X3 (For representational purpose)


You can go chrome crazy on your car, no one will bat an eyelid. The Supreme Court mentions that modifications shouldn’t be carried out to an extent where you can’t recognize the vehicle. So, make sure before you modify your vehicle with chromes – Go crazy, not overboard.

Hyundai i20 N Line For representational purpose
Hyundai i20 N Line (For representational purpose)

Black Paint Alloys and Roof

This is a modification that most manufacturers have rolled out their cars with. The i20 and the (previous gen) Verna are the most perfect examples where both the cars feature black roof design in the form of a dual-tone colour option. You can also do the same to your single-tone coloured car; all it requires is a wrap or spray paint (in desperate times).

PPF coating

Tata Altroz For representational purpose
Tata Altroz (For representational purpose)

PPF or Paint Protection Film is a modification that is done to protect your car’s exterior paint. It is usually a thin film that covers the cars and helps the car’s paint stay fresh for longer. If you’ve just got yourself a brand-new car, then you must get it wrapped in PPF immediately. This modification is barely noticeable and perfectly legal.

New Colour

New colour scheme update on the car is also legal in India as far as it is updated in the registration certificate on the vehicle.

Know any more modification ideas that are perfectly fine in the eyes of law? Let us know in the comment section.

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