Day 1 eMTB Randoms – Eurobike 2021


Prices start at 9,999 Euros, going all the way up to 12,999 Euros, depending on the version.


Maxon & Transalpes
The Maxon Bikedrive Air is a small and fully integrated motor and battery system, delivering 30 Nm of torque. Swiss company Maxon knows what they’re doing, as their core business is rooted in space (all NASA rovers use their motors) and medical categories, among others, having specialized in the development of small and lightweight motors. Right now, the system is manufactured 100% in Switzerland and depending on demand, the plan is to keep it that way for at least the next two years.

Swiss bike manufacturer Transalpes has been around for over 20 years and is the Maxons’s first partner to bring a first model to market, planned to ship in December of 2021. Their bike can be fully customized and is available with either 140 mm front and 130 mm travel in the rear for trail use, or 160 mm front with 145 mm in the back for light enduro use. Weight ranges between 15.5 and 16.4 kg for the trail and under 17 kg for the longer travel version, depending on spec. Other front travel options will be available.

A major target was to deliver the power in the most seamless way possible, with their freewheel technology delivering practically zero drag, and after a quick spin on the parking lot, I’d say they succeeded with that. With typical power delivery for a motor of its size, it was very quiet and during acceleration or deceleration you couldn’t notice at all when the system engaged or disengaged.


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