Ego Two-Stage Snow Blower: Is It Worth It?

Ego Two-Stage Snow Blower: Is It Worth It?

Ego Two-Stage Snow Blower: Is It Worth It?

Photo: Zach Lazzari

Ego Power+ has entered the electric snow blower market with a model designed to tackle big storms. In a side-by-side test with seven other electric models and several gas-powered snow blowers, the 24-inch self-propelled Ego Power+ performed exceptionally well. With two 7.5 Ah, arc lithium batteries, a heavy steel auger, a convenient control dashboard, and 50 feet of throwing distance, I was impressed at the well-rounded features and thoughtful design.

I tested the snow blower in several storms, the first leaving less than one foot of crusted snow and the next arriving in several phases. Phase one was a nice layer of powder around 8 inches deep. Phase two brought sleet and very wet snow that tested the limits of every blower. Phase three was an all-night dump of big powder that left several feet of snow to play with the next morning. I cleared two large driveways (several times) with the Ego Power+ and also cleared a large section of the street while testing against a neighbor’s gas-powered model.

Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower: At a Glance

Rating: [9/10]

Ego Two-Stage Snow Blower

Photo: Zach Lazzari


  • Excellent drive power with multiple speed options on a convenient lever
  • Multispeed blade controls for different snow types and chute throw distance
  • High visibility with LED light with a simple button on the control panel
  • Convenient controls overall with everything near the handle
  • Adjustable skids for varying conditions


  • Battery life is roughly 1 hour at top speed, requiring several hours to charge
  • More assembly required than other models out of the box
  • Batteries become hot at full operation, requiring a cool down period before charging

Get the Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower at:

What Is the Ego SNT2405 Power+ 24-inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower?

As a beefy two-stage blower, the Ego Power+ is designed to handle the heavy lifting after a big snowfall. It delivers features that rival leading combustion models with a large steel auger, adjustable skids and high traction tires.

As a self propelled snow blower, the drive system has variable speeds to move slowly through heavy snow or quickly through lighter loads. The chute also has a variable speed to control throwing distance. You can throw snow up to 50-feet or dial it back to hit a closer mark. Initially, I used the highest setting and snow was flying over the street, nearly reaching the neighbor’s driveway.

Many other electric models are self-propelled, requiring pushing to move through snow. While lightweight, pushing is tiresome and inconvenient in deeper snow. The ability to snow blow with confidence and ease in big storms makes the Ego Power+ two-stage model stand out.

Ego Two-Stage Snow Blower

Photo: Zach Lazzari

Is the Ego Self-Propelled Snow Blower Easy to Assemble?

When compared to smaller, single-stage blowers, setup is a bit more involved with this heavier two-stage model. That said, it only required about fifteen minutes to complete the assembly and have the snow blower ready for action. The manual and directions were clear and the general process was pretty intuitive.

First, I opened the box from the top and removed the charger, manual, and batteries, and set them aside. The parts fit tightly in the box, and I found it easiest to simply run a box cutter down each corner to drop the sides and set everything loose. The included bag had hardware and parts for the chute along with the handle screws to make those connections.

Following the instructions, I attached the handles and screwed down the provided parts to secure everything in place. Lastly, I attached the chute and screwed it in place with included hardware. Opening the box required roughly as much time as assembling the components.

Is the Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Snow Blower Easy to Use?

Ease of use is a major advantage over most combustion models that require priming, pull cords, and motor maintenance to operate. With every electric model tested, starting and operating was exceptionally easy.

The Ego Power+ two-stage snow blower has more options than smaller, single-stage blowers and therefore, has more controls. The control panel layout is adjacent to the handles however, making for easy access and clear operating signs for every control. Simply drop the batteries in place, press the power button, and grab the throttle to power the drive. Then grab the chute control to throw snow and you are in business.

Handle height is adjustable and at 5 feet 8 inches tall, I had no problem finding a comfortable fit. Since this snow blower is self-propelled, little effort is required to actually operate the machine beyond making turns. I found this snow blower very easy and comfortable to use overall.

Ego Two-Stage Snow Blower

Photo: Zach Lazzari

How Intuitive Are the Controls on the Ego Power+ Self-Propelled Snow Blower?

Most of the electric models I tested had limited controls: press a button, grab the throttle, and start plowing. On the Ego Power+, more robust features are present and as such, the controls require a minute or two of experimenting to master. However, they are far from complicated and offer nice customizations for speed and power.

On the right side, a prominent lever is present for chute angle control. Another lever on the center handle area controls chute direction with a clear label for its purpose. On the center of the handle area is a light button to turn the LED lights on and off.

A large green power button is also present on the center handle area. Press this button to activate the chute and grab the right handle control to begin throwing snow. A small lever adjacent to the handle shows the throwing power options. Grab the left handle lever to activate the drive and begin moving forward. Another speed control is present adjacent to this handle.

Everything you need in terms of controls is right at your fingertips. After doing a few laps, I found it very easy to make quick chute adjustments and find the perfect chute power and drive speed for the given conditions. Ego did an excellent job designing controls for this model.

How Powerful Is the Ego SNT2405 Power+ Snow Blower?

While this snow blower can run on a single battery, it has substantially more power with both used simultaneously. Two arc lithium, 7.5 Ah, 56-volt batteries combine to maximize power, drive speed, throwing distance, and run time. Keep in mind, the 24-inch width and 20-inch height are made to move large amounts of snow and those batteries work hard to deliver ample power.

In terms of drive power, at low speeds, the snow blower crawls along without requiring assistance. The highest speed is surprisingly fast and it requires a brisk walking pace just to keep up. For general use, placing the drive speed at a moderate pace is ideal.

I already covered the 50-foot throwing distance but it’s worth mentioning again. The distance is impressive. Throwing 50-feet is not always necessary, however, and the ability to control throwing power to find the right distance is a great feature.

Overall, I had more than enough power to work through a big storm. When tested against combustion models in the street, the electric Ego Power+ was equally capable of powering through several feet of snow while throwing at a greater distance than some of the best gas-powered models.

Ego Two-Stage Snow BlowerEgo Two-Stage Snow Blower

Photo: Zach Lazzari

Is the Ego Power+ 24-inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower Worth the Money?

High-end, single-stage electric snow blowers run between $400 and $800 while two-stage electric snow blowers are priced from $1,000 to $2,000. The Ego Power+ 24-Inch Two-Stage Snow Blower sits in the middle of two-stage models at $1499. Based on the general market, it’s competitively priced and is a good overall value.

When considering the features, substantial lithium batteries, and construction quality, I think this model is well worth the money. It requires no maintenance, saving on long-term costs over gas-powered motors, and the use of metal components and quality hardware speak to its potential for long-term durability. If you want a powerful electric snow blower for big storms and large spaces, this model seems like a reasonable investment.

Is Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower Right for You?

Your personal needs and geographical location will ultimately dictate which snow blower is the best fit. Testing in the Reno-Tahoe region was ideal for demonstrating the range of capabilities. For example, folks living in the lower elevation Reno valley areas rarely require a large snow blower. The lighter, single-stage models are more than ample for that area. I recently tested an entire roundup of the best electric snow blowers to help you find the right one for your needs.

As you gain elevation, moving closer to Tahoe, snowfall increases substantially. In the area where I tested, snow accumulated to several feet while it remained at less than a foot in the valley. At the lake level, up to five feet accumulated in this single, large storm. At my level and higher, the Ego Power+ offered far more power and big snow capabilities.

If you live in an area where one foot or more accumulation is common, this model is an excellent choice. It also makes sense for people covering large areas. I managed a large driveway at full speed in about one hour. For extended use and multiple driveways, investing in a backup set of batteries would be helpful. You can rotate them through the charger and continue working without downtime for charging.

Where to Buy the Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower

Get the Ego Power+ 24-Inch Self-Propelled Snow Blower at:

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