Here’s What We Love About The Honda CX500

Here’s What We Love About The Honda CX500

Back in the 1970s, middle-weight motorcycles pretty much ruled the market. Big Japanese automotive manufacturers were all competing for glory, putting out more and more innovative solutions. Honda joined the race with the CX series, a line of motorcycles produced until the 1980s. The CX models met some of the biggest developments in the motorcycle industry at the time, including liquid cooling, electric starting, and similar.

One of the models from this lineup that featured these innovative and unique solutions was the CX500. Produced from 1978 to 1983, the Honda CX500 is a middle-weight bike you can still see on the road today. Although many years have passed, this solid veteran remains one of the greatest achievements of the Japanese manufacturer.

What makes people love these vintage motorcycles after thirty or more years, some would ask? There are many reasons behind their lasting appealing and Honda bikes are no exception. So, if you’re interested in the things we love about the Honda CX500 in particular, scroll below and follow our detailed explanation.

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The Power Of A Middle-Weight Motorcycle

Blue Honda CX500
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Honda started the CX series with something completely new. It was a design that included a water-cooled V-twin engine with shaft drive and widely attracted the eyes of the public. But was it so revolutionary? No, not really; the concept Honda used was not quite new. However, people were amazed how Honda engineers went one step further from the already existing concepts and developed new solutions.

Instead of air-cooled engines, the brand went for a revolutionary water-cooled design. Similarly, it decided on the engines with four valves per cylinder driven by pushrods and not overhead camshaft.

Simply put, the engineers looked forward to the future when designing the CX series. As a consequence, the CX500 model came with a liquid-cooled V2 four-stroke engine, 5-speed transmission, and a total displacement of 497 ccs. The design was meant to keep the engine compact and ensure the stability and reliability of the entire bike.

We can safely say Honda made it. The CX500 is known to provide reliable and effective performance. With the claimed top speed of 114 mph and a maximum of 50 hp (although some later models hit beyond these stats), the CX500 ended up being a smooth touring bike. In fact, riders all across the US still enjoy touring with the classic Honda, which put the bike on our list on the first place.

Impressive Performance Of 7 Variants

Honda CX500 Turbo
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Now, it’s important to highlight that Honda had a few problems with the early models. For instance, the first CX500s had issues with cam chain tensioners and alternators, which led to many further performance complications and, in some cases, even engine destruction. However, Honda addressed all of this in the upcoming models.

The Japanese manufacturer did quite a lot to improve this motorcycle over the range of five years. The CX500 saw seven variants, including the CX500 Turbo and the CX650, which resulted in around 400,000 motorcycles being on the street. Considering such a high production number, it’s easy to conclude how popular the CX got over time.

The bulletproof reputation also adds to the popularity of the CX500. With so many of these models cruising the street even today, motorheads simply concluded the CX is a bulletproof series that can withstand the heavy hand of time – and we love the CX500 for it!

Of all the other models, we should also briefly mention the CX500 Deluxe and CX500EC Sports. The former was launched in 1979 and was pretty much the same as the original CX500 except for minor cosmetic changes. Nevertheless, this model was produced at a scale until 1981. The CX500EC Sports was even more popular because it represented fixed errors in the initial model. This bike came with improved specs and an enhanced exterior to meet the changing customer needs.

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Plenty Of Sale And Restoration Opportunities

Red Honda CX-500
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Last but not least, the bulletproof CX500 is incredibly affordable today. You can get this grand touring bike for around $5,000 in perfect condition, although it depends on the trim, year of production, and body condition. We even saw some great models on sale under this price range. Considering how the CX500 performs over time, we would say go for it to all classic bike enthusiasts who are up for a new Honda on the budget.

With 400,000 Honda CX models produced in total, you can imagine how many of them are still out there. Finding a CX500 in good condition is not a difficult task. You can choose to get one for a couple of thousands of dollars or decide to indulge in a fun restoration process for a couple of hundreds of dollars. Either way, the CX500 is still worthy of attention.

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