How Much Is The Cost To Get A BMW Oil Change?

How Much Is The Cost To Get A BMW Oil Change?

BMW is a luxury car brand that needs no introduction. Established in Germany, it rapidly gained popularity and cemented itself in history. Any car produced by BMW is considered luxury-class, and you can never go wrong in picking any model.

How Much Is The Cost To Get A BMW Oil Change

However, because the company has such a presence, and any car is considered a luxury one, maintenance costs are way up there. As it’s essential to service your car from time to time, you might wonder just how expensive that would be, especially when it concerns things as mundane as an oil change. 

So, let’s dive deep and see just how much you’ll pay for the procedure in question. 

Factors That Influence The Cost Of An Oil Change

When opting to pay for an oil change, you could either go with independent mechanics or dealerships. The price structure would be the same, with materials and parts required, labor cost, taxes, and other fees determining the overall sum.

Materials And Parts Required

Firstly, an oil change will consist of genuine BMW quality synthetic oil, an oil filter, an oil

filter sealing ring, and a plug seal. These range between $60 to $100 in cost. Purchasing

online, doing it yourself, or choosing an independent mechanic can lower the costs.

Dealerships and independent mechanics get all these for cheap but make a markup to profit from servicing customers. When a person opts for an online purchase, the oil change only comes to approximately $19.99. 

Labor Cost

When an oil change is done via independent mechanics or dealerships, the labor cost of $80 to $120 is also applicable. Such labor costs are divided into two categories, labor rate and labor time required.

When done with specialized equipment, the oil change is a 15-30 minute process. The BMW dealerships and independent mechanics mostly charge per hour of labor. 

Taxes And Other Fees

The price for any kind of service performed also includes taxes. Usually, it’s a 10-15% part, along with a small fee for changing the motor oil.

How Often Should You Get The Oil Change? 

Manufacturers recommend time intervals for maintenance and oil changes based on your car’s specifications. Calculations include miles traveled and instances where you don’t use the car for prolonged amounts of time. 

Traditionally, BMW requires an oil change every 10,000 miles, which is considered a longer service interval than manufacturers that use conventional oil. The motor oil needs to be changed more frequently based on the driving style and car usage. Experts recommend changing it every 5,000 miles or one year, whichever comes first, to extend the engine’s service life. 

Benefits Of Regular Oil Change

Regular oil changes provide more than just peace of mind. It’s necessary to ensure the proper lubrication of your engine to avoid severe damage or long-term problems. But, among other things, this routine maintenance item also does the following:

  • Enhances engine performance
  • Keeps the engine clean
  • Lengthens the life span of the BMW
  • Provides better gas mileage
  • Protects the environment

On the contrary, if you’re not diligent with the changes, the oil’s viscosity decreases, and, in turn, the oil filter becomes worse for wear and can’t filter abrasive particles. Lastly, your engine will not be lubricated properly with such an oil, causing overheating and excessive wear and tear. 

Does Motor Oil Change Improve Vehicle Performance?

Engines need frequent oil changes. When engine oil is left unchanged, it can cause premature engine wear, leading to engine failure.

The engine consists of bearings, pistons, rings, and cylinder walls that need lubrication to prevent friction and overheating. Overall, motor oil cannot improve performance but can prevent the engine’s performance from degrading over time. 

What is a BMW Ultimate Care Plan?

BMW offers a comprehensive BMW Ultimate Care Plan, which includes BMW Scheduled

Maintenance for three years or 36,000 miles, Roadside Assistance 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, for four years / unlimited miles, and BMW TeleService that helps the owner report to BMW when the vehicle needs service. 


BMW being a premium/luxury class vehicle, requires proper care for the ultimate comfort of the driver. And, when an oil change is done regularly, it can run even smoother and serve you much longer.

Primarily, a BMW owner must decide where the oil change will be done: through authorized dealers, independent mechanics, or the DIY method. This helps estimate overall costs and make the final decision on how to proceed.

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