Japanese girlfriend impressed with the bike

Japanese girlfriend impressed with the bike

Royal Enfield is one of the oldest motorcycle manufacturer in the world.  The Chennai-based manufacturer has several models in their line-up and Classic 350 is one of the popular ones. Last year, the manufacturer launched the all-new Classic 350 in the market. Royal Enfield as a brand in popular in India and around the world. It is exported to several Asian and European countries too. We have seen videos of Royal Enfield in foreign land. Here we have a video where an Indian buys a Royal Enfield Classic 350 in Japan and his girlfriend shares her thoughts about the bike.

The video has been uploaded by Ajay Pandey on their YouTube channel. The video starts with Ajay talking how he ended up buying a Royal Enfield in Japan. Initially, he did test ride couple of motorcycles from various brands. He also rode Honda CB 350 and had placed an order for the same. But when he finally saw a Royal Enfield, he wanted that and without thinking, he placed an order. Initially, the dealer had told him that the waiting period on the bike was couple of weeks but, he had to wait for a month.

He finally bought the Signals edition of Classic 350 and was very happy and proud to ride it. He was proud beacuse, he was riding an Indian motorcycle through the streets of Japan. He rode several motorcycles but, none of them were giving him the feel that he was looking for. After purchasing the motorcycle, he went to meet his friend and then went out for a small ride. He met couple of more friends and after everything, he went to Honda’s dealership and got the booking for his CB350 cancelled.

Indian buys Royal Enfield in Japan: Japanese girlfriend says it’s better than Honda CB350 [Video]

He can be heard saying in the vidoe that buying motorcycle was not the biggest issue in Japan but, getting a two wheeler license was. He finally took his girlfriend out for a ride in his new motorcycle and they were riding through the country roads. They soon stopped at a place surrounded by mountains and then he asked his girlfriend about the motorcycle. She can be heard saying that, when compared to the Honda Rebel and CB350, she was able to sit more comfortably on the Royal Enfield motorcycle. While she was sitting on the Honda’s especially the Rebel, she was always afraid of falling down.

Ajay mentions that the motorcycle sold in Japan is directly imported from India and the only difference is that it misses out on saree guard and is more expensive. It was almost Rs 1 lakh more expensive than the Honda. He mentions that the Classic 350 costed him around Rs 5 lakh Indian rupee. Ajay’s girlfriend mentions that she was happy with the motorcycle but, one thing that she did not like about the Classic 350 was the exhaust. She found the motorcycle too loud when compared to other ones. The new generation Royal Enfield is lot more smoother and silent when compared to older generation. The manufaturer is using a new chassis and a reworked engine to offer better riding experience to the rider.

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