Mahindra Scorpio-N also gets 20” alloy wheels [Video]

Mahindra Scorpio-N also gets 20” alloy wheels [Video]

The Japanese multinational automaker Toyota Motor Corporation’s SUV Fortuner is probably the most well-known SUV in the country. Toyota Fortuner is one of the first choices for businessmen, politicians, or people in positions of power. Enthusiasts across the country also love modifying this SUV to make it a unique one. And recently another video has come online in which it shows the country’s first Toyota Fortuner on 26” alloy wheels. The video also shows a brand-new Scorpio-N with 20” alloy wheels as well.

The video of the modification of the Fortuner was uploaded by Dayakaran vlogs on his YouTube channel. The video was shot at one of the most well-known alloy wheels and tyre shops in northern India -Velocity Tyres in Sherpur, Ludhiana, Punjab. At the beginning of the video, the presenter first introduces the owner of Velocity Tyres and then explains that the owner is an expert in the new trending alloy wheels and tyres for vehicles. He then adds that the owner has appeared in previous videos as well and has shared all the required insights for modifications to newly launched models.

Following the introduction the presenter then shows his personal Toyota Fortuner sitting on 22” alloy wheels. He explains that he has brought the vehicle for routine check up like balancing, alignment and adjustments after driving the vehicle for around 4000 km on new set of alloys an tyres. Following this the presenter then shows a black Scorpio Classic which was also there for new set of alloy wheels. Moving forward the owner of the shop and presenter come infront of a new white Scorpio-N which came for new 20” alloy wheels and low profile tyres. They discuss about how Scorpio-N’s wheel hub is different from older Scorpios and needs a lug type convertor to fit new alloy wheels.

India’s First Toyota Fortuner on 26” wheels: Mahindra Scorpio-N also gets 20” alloy wheels [Video]

Following their discussions, we can note that they test fit two different types of 20” alloy wheels. Soon after, the country’s first Toyota Fortuner with 26” alloy wheels comes into the shop. The shop owner then explains that fitting these humongous alloy wheels and tyres was not an easy task. He told that they had to spend two days in figuring out the perfect fitment and making modifications to fit the setup in the existing Toyota wheel wells. According to the owner of Velocity Tyres, the owner of the Toyota Fortuner trusted him and his shop with doing any required modifications to fit the set in the best way possible.

He then went on to explain that the Fortuner had to be lifted by 4 inches in front and rear with a lift kit. He also added that they had to shave off the fenders as well to make the wheels and tyres fit properly so that they don’t rub and damage the car or the set up. He told that this was not an easy task and not everyone can do it because its an extremely meticulous task and takes a lot of time and effort to make it work. The presenter then shows the vehicle form all the angles and we can see that the Fortuner looks extremely beautiful.




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