Old man starting an old Roya Enfield Bullet is satisfying to watch

Old man starting an old Roya Enfield Bullet is satisfying to watch

Royal Enfield has always been a very popular motorcycle among riders in India and abroad. It is world’s oldest two-wheeler manufacturer that is still in production. They have a variety of models in their line-up but Bullet and Classic series have a fan base of their own. They are some of the most popular motorcycles from Royal Enfield. Both these motorcycles are popular because of their retro looks. Modern motorcycles come with electric start feature however, older models only came with a kickstart. Starting an old Cast Iron Bullet was a nightmare for many. Here we a have video that shows how an old man smoothly kickstarted a Royal Enfield Cast Iron Bullet.

The video has been shared by sayed.omer.siddique on his Instagram page. The video shows a Royal Enfield Bullet motorcycle with an old sitting on it. Starting such an old motorcycle is often tricky especially if it is a Bullet. Old Royal Enfield motorcycles were notorious for the kickbacks. If you are not very familiar with the style of starting a Bullet, you might end up with an injury on your right leg. When the Video starts, the old man sitting on the motorcycle is slowly pushing the kicker halfway down. He puts the ignition key and then fiddles with the choke of the motorcycle.

After that, he slowly pushes the kicker down. The motorcycle did not start in the first time. In the second attempt, the old man smoothly pushes the kicker down and the motorcycle engine comes to life. We have seen many people put, a lot of effort to start an old Royal Enfield motorcycle. Many of them are even afraid to do the task for obvious reasons. The kickbacks were extremely dangerous on these motorcycles. But it looks like the old man in this video has been using the motorcycle for a very long time and is very familiar with it. If you may notice, he actually looks very calm and composed while starting it. Over the years of use, he might have actually found a way to start the motorcycle without using too much energy. The whole act is so satisfying to watch as he does it effortlessly.

Old man starting an old Royal Enfield Cast Iron Bullet is so satisfying to watch [Video]

The motorcycle seen here in the video is a cast iron engine Bullet and it is very different from the ones that we have in the market now. The engines have now become much lighter and are more fuel efficient than before. All the Royal Enfield motorcycles now come with an electric start feature which is very convenient. Many manufacturers have almost stopped offering a kickstart on their motorcycles. Even Royal Enfield offers motorcycles like Meteor 350 without a kickstart. As part of the meeting new emission norms, the signature thump sound from the Royal Enfield motorcycles have also come down.

Royal Enfield launched the new generation Classic 350 motorcycle in the market last year. The motorcycle is now based on a new platform and a revised 350-cc engine. The engine is now a lot more smoother and refined. The motorcycle produces less vibration when compared to the previous generation models. Royal Enfield is now working on a variety of 650-cc motorcycles for the market.

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