RadRover 6 Plus e-bike launched by Rad Power Bikes with new battery, dual screens, and more

RadRover 6 Plus e-bike launched by Rad Power Bikes with new battery, dual screens, and more

The newly released RadRover 6 Plus marks the biggest update Rad Power Bikes has ever launched and showcases brand-new components like upgraded hydraulic disc brakes, new dual-screen displays, and a totally redesigned semi-integrated battery.

The last few years have seen several new models released by Rad, and 2021 is shaping up to be similarly bike-packed.

When the RadRunner 6 Plus was unveiled last year, it wasn’t clear if the “Plus” moniker would follow on future models, but the new RadRover 6 Plus has solidified Rad’s intentions to provide both entry-level and higher-spec e-bikes that all combine the company’s reputation for value-oriented bikes and industry-leading service.

Across my many conversations with Rad Power Bikes founder and CEO Mike Radenbaugh, the phrase Mike has continuously used to describe Rad’s model is “democratizing electric bikes.” That means bringing good quality e-bikes with a reliable support system to the masses at a price that most people can afford.

When it comes to quality, the new RadRover 6 Plus definitely raises the bar. Check it out in my video review below to see me cruising Seattle in style on the new e-bike. Then keep reading for all of my thoughts on this major update to the Rad line!

RadRover 6 Plus video review

RadRover 6 Plus tech specs

  • Motor: 750W geared rear hub motor
  • Top speed: 32 km/h (20 mph)
  • Range: 45-72 km (25-45 mi) depending on throttle or pedal assist
  • Battery: 48V 14Ah (672 Wh)
  • Max load: 125 kg (275 lb)
  • Frame: 6061 aluminum, high step or step-thru
  • Suspension: 60 mm travel spring suspension fork with preload adjustment and lockout
  • Brakes: Nutt hydraulic disc brakes
  • Extras: dual displays, higher accuracy battery gauge, front and rear LED lights, 5 speed settings, half-twist throttle, higher power USB charging ports (optional), mounting for front and rear racks, fenders included standard, redesigned battery, higher torque motor

So much is new, where do we start?

There’s so much to talk about here, I don’t even know where to start.

Let’s begin with the new batteries. It’s a brand-new design developed by Rad and it’s a big improvement. The batteries are semi-integrated so they sit down in the frame tube instead of resting on top. That buys you more space in your frame and simply looks sleeker.

The old plastic case has been replaced by extruded aluminum, and the battery also sheds its old key lock, which is now housed in the frame instead of coming along with the battery.

The capacity is the same at 672 Wh, but the whole thing is just a much nicer solution. It’s a bit longer, which makes it narrower and thus easier to hold in your hand. There are built-in rails on the sides that make it even easier to grip. And it even has this satisfying “pop” up when you turn the key to unlock it, like it’s just asking to be grabbed.

Next we’ve got a new motor that is torquier and thus offers better hill climbing. Terms like “better hill climbing” are a bit relative though, so Rad hit us with some hard numbers and says that the new motor helps the RadRover 6 Plus maintain a 25% higher speed during hill climbing.

I didn’t just take the company’s word for it though – I took the bike and its new motor to some steep hills and put it to the test. See it in action in my video above.

Moving on, we’ve got new hydraulic disc brakes that use ceramic pads for the best stopping power. The levers are adjustable so big and small hands can both fit nicely, and the hydraulic brakes allow more comfortable one-finger braking. That’s a convenient factor for everyday riding, but especially for off-road riding when you want to keep more fingers on the bars while modulating the brakes.

They’re also a lower maintenance component, which is one less headache to worry about down the road. No more pulling out a 5mm hex wrench and adjusting brake cables!

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