SW Motech Releases New Adjustable Handlebar Risers

SW Motech Releases New Adjustable Handlebar Risers

As much as motorcycle manufacturers put in millions of dollars’ worth of research and development into their machines, there really isn’t a one-size-fits-all type of thing, especially when you consider how vast the preferences of the riding community are. This is exactly where the aftermarket world comes in with its near-endless selection of modifications and upgrades designed specifically to tailor your motorcycle to your personal preferences.

There are tons of accessories available to alter the ergonomics of your motorcycle. Those who want a more upright seating position can always opt for taller handlebars or shaved saddles. Meanwhile, those looking to give their bikes a sportier seating position can get clip-ons, drag bars, or clubman bars. All that being said, the sky’s the limit when it comes to adjusting your bike’s fit to your desires. Several companies, likewise, have dedicated a lot of R&D into these products, one such brand is SW Motech, known for its luggage and accessories for a vast array of motorbikes.

The German aftermarket specialist has recently released adjustable handlebar risers which allow you to retain your bike’s OEM look while adjusting the bars to a height of your preference. SW Motech’s new bar risers are built from milled aluminum and anodized in various subtle colors to match most OEM finishes. The risers are available to fit three different handlebar sizes—22, 28, 32 mm, meaning they’re applicable pretty much for all types of motorcycles ranging from small-capacity dirt bikes, to big-bore adventure-tourers. Regardless of your size preference, the risers are adjustable in seven different positions, each 5mm apart.

As is the case with all handlebar risers, they’re extremely easy to install on most naked and touring bikes, and don’t require the amount of elbow grease and patience to replace your bike’s handlebars altogether. That said, these bar risers are an easy and inexpensive way to alter your bike’s ergonomics in such a way that it’s easy to revert it back to its stock settings, should you so desire.

Retailing for 170 Euros, or roughly $187 USD, SW Motech’s new adjustable bar risers are available either in black, silver, and anthracite colors. SW Motech explicitly states that the product was developed for use on all mainstream motorcycle brands, so you can rest easy knowing that your bars are perched up safely and securely.

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