This Is What Makes The Honda NT1100 So Special

Despite being an avatar of an exciting adventure bike, it’s here, and the NT is a pure touring machine reminiscent of many beloved Honda models from the past. In stating the bike’s motivation, the NT1100 Project Manager Koji Kiyono explained: “At Honda, we have a long-standing tradition of catering to people who are looking for a classic touring bike. Our earlier Pan European and Deauville models have had a popular following over the years. When the time came to create our next touring model, we wanted to design something that could resonate and appeal to the traditional cycling enthusiasts.”

Though mentions of the Deauville, as well as the Pan European, might conjure worries that the NT1100 is a rough static vehicle, Koji Kiyono is keen to highlight the NT1100’s handle capability, saying: “We also wanted to cater people of all ages and styles who want an innovative and flexible enjoyable motorcycle. We’ve come up with the NT1100 that offers the most modern engine performance as well as a fun-to-ride chassis and a range of cutting-edge technology, and a completely new unique design.” The sport-touring model of the Adventure bike is an increasing trend in the present, with models from BMW’s S 1000 XR to Yamaha’s Tracer 9. How could Honda let this opportunity go?

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Africa Twin’s Engine With Manual Or DCT Transmission

2022 Honda NT1100 comes with optional DCT


While we’ve been aware that the NT1100 would inherit the Africa Twin’s 1084cc SOHC parallel-twin motor – which it certainly does, with torque and power numbers as high as 101 horsepower as well as 77 lb-ft of torque, the engine gets a little modified with a new intake duct and exhaust. The less well-known fact is that the NT1100 also carries an Africa Twin’s double-cradle frame made of steel paired with an aluminum subframe bolted on instead of having a custom chassis with its own. The seat height is 32.3 inches, which is 2 inches lower than the Africa twin’s saddle.

It is fixed to Showa suspension on both ends, with 43 mm SFF-BP inverted forks and an adjustable mono-shock at the rear. Both are adjustable to preload and provide 150mm of travel. Honda claims sharp handling with the NT1100 having a short 153 mm wheelbase. The 26.5-degree head angle isn’t a guarantee of the fastest steering speed; however, with a light curb weight of the basic variant, the NT1100 is likely to be more enjoyable than the ST1300 Pan European.

2022 Honda NT1100 doesn't mind getting its shoes dirty


A Dual-clutch and six-speed manual transmissions are available. The options for mode are more complicated if you go with this DCT. Automatic Transmission (AT) mode uses pre-programmed shift patterns, which constantly read vehicle speed, gear selected, and engine rpm to decide when a shift should occur. Or the rider may choose to use the Manual Transmission (MT) mode for gear changes using the paddle-shift style triggers on the left handlebar.

A massive, 4.3-gallon fuel tank gives the theoretical range of 250 miles in between refills. Five modes let you modify the traction control and wheelie control, and the different modes differ in how they enhance the map of the throttle and engine brakes. Kerb weight(all fluids and fuel) is dependent on the choice of transmission. The manual transmission-equipped machine comes in at 525 lbs, and if you opt for the DCT version, the curb weight increases to 547 pounds.

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Styling Inspired From The CB4 X Concept

2022 Honda NT1100 is a sleek-looking sports tourer


In terms of styling, the primary focus appears to have been aerodynamics and the rider’s comfort, with Honda paying a lot of emphasis on the adjustable screen and wind deflectors and bodywork that can divert wind around the riders, despite having a non-full fairing design. Luggage is provided as standard, equipped with detachable lu panniers that provide 65 liters in total storage space (33 Liters for the left pannier, 32 liters in the pannier on the right, which is situated over the exhaust silencer that is low-slung). A 50-liter top compartment with a built-in pillion seat is available as an extra part of the ‘Urban’ or “Touring option packs. Although it shares its chassis and frame with Africa Twin, the NT1100 has a decently low seat height of 820mm.

2022 Honda NT1100 is a born touring machine


Heated grips come standard together with cruise control and Bluetooth connectivity through an instrument package shared by the Africa Twin, and feature a 6.5-inch color TFT screen, above that, a smaller LCD supports Apple CarPlay and Android Auto along with three display options. The dash can also be used to access the riding modes of the bike wheelie control, traction, and control settings. Each of these offers three preset levels. Urban mode blends mid-level power and engine braking, rain mode decreases engine braking power and power, and Tour mode provides complete control and altered engine braking. There are two “User modes’ which can be modified and saved.

2022 Honda NT1100 infotainment screen doubles up as the instrument cluster


There’s no official confirmation regarding U.S. availability yet; however, if I were betting, I’d wager my chance on Big Red to release the touring twin to America soon. The European NT1100 is available in Matte Iridium Grey Metallic, Pearl Glare White, and Graphite Black. (Nothing except monochrome. It’s priced less than the base Africa Twin in Europe, and so we expect similar pricing when it lands on American shores.

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