This Is Why The BMW F 900 XR Is A Great All-Round Sports Tourer

This Is Why The BMW F 900 XR Is A Great All-Round Sports Tourer

Motorcycles are a selfless escape into a world of experience, love, and exploration. The sheer amount of freedom at hand which allows you to go anywhere deemed, at the twist of the throttle is something to be mesmerized about. And BMW has aced at triggering these emotions in modern-day riders; Can’t blame them as they make surprisingly beautiful motorcycles! And the BMW F 900 XR is one such example.

At first glance, it might look like a tweaked F 850 GS in a pretty dress, but the F 900 XR is a much more evolved machine. It slots right in between the smaller F 850 GS and the bigger S 1000 XR but has a vibrant and unique character of its own. The F 900 XR happens to be the cheapest big-capacity sports tourer from BMW which is also an impressively compact package.

While it does the ‘touring’ part well, BMW has made it quite a flexible machine, that you would feel at home even when scraping knees on it. Almost 90 % of the torque comes in at just 4000 RPM, which makes it a torquey monster with the ease of doing wheelies! Tractable performance, compact form factor, an impressive electronics package, and a never-ending urge to make you wanna ride, make the BMW F 900 XR an all-rounder of a sports-tourer.

The BMW F 900 XR has a comfortable saddle, compact form factor, breezy touring-specific performance (with hidden hooliganism), and makes you wanna ride on and on and on!

Most Affordable And Accessible Big-Capacity ADV From BMW

BMW F 900 XR side view

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BMW motorcycles don’t come cheap but the story is different for the F 900 XR. Its MSRP of $11,695 makes it cheaper than the BMW F 850 GS that starts from $12,585. And the difference isn’t much when compared to the much-smaller F 750 GS that starts from $9,995. This makes the sleek-looking F 900 XR a very accessible and affordable BMW motorcycle. That’s rare and adds to this Beamer’s all-rounded appeal.

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Two-faced Parallel-Twin Engine With Tractable Hooliganism

BMW F 900 XR engine close-up view

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The engine used in the BMW F 900 XR is a rebored version of the engine that is found in the F 850 GS. But don’t let that fool you into thinking that it is more or less the same. The 895cc parallel-twin engine is all new and is a torquey monster. It pumps out 99 HP @ 8,500 RPM and 67 lb-ft of peak torque. But the impressive part is that 55 lb-ft of torque is available from just 3,000 RPM. This makes the F 900 XR a wheelie machine. Yup! This ADV can pop wheelies swiftly.

BMW F 900 XR cornering hd wallpaper

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It comes with 2 standard power modes, and if opting for the Ride Modes Pro package, then the more inclusive Dynamic and Dynamic Pro modes are also added. This engine has a very two-faced character, in a good way! We expect any ADV motorcycle to be a cozy mile-muncher with torque and power spread like butter across the rev-band, right? The F 900 XR sure has that but also tends to surprise you with a sharp sports-bike appeal. This right here is a multi-talented Beamer.

Comfort And Riding Dynamics Are This BMW’s Ace Cards

BMW F 900 XR front cinematic view

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The compact form factor of this machine is to be praised and pointed out as being a crucial aspect of its versatile riding nature. The riding dynamics are spot-on and keeps you pumped up, contrary to the cozy appeal that we see in many touring adventure motorcycles. This is also the main factor that differentiates “XR” from “GS”. The rider’s triangle is well-preserved and you are in a treat for a cozy day on the saddle.

BMW F 900 XR touring with two riders

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Talking of which, the comfy seat has a singular construction but is impressively wide for the pillion as well. The rider can adjust the seat from as low as 775 mm (with the touring kit) to as high as 870 mm. The standard seat height is 825 mm which is perfect for most riders. While the front suspension is non-adjustable, the overall layout is made to tackle a variety of terrains. And yes, you can cozily cruise on those long straight highways and scrape knees on winding roads; without taking a stop! Related: The BMW R 80 G/S Was The World’s First Adventure Motorcycle

Impressive Electronics Package Is The Cherry On This All-Rounder

BMW F 900 XR fully digital TFT instrument cluster view

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The base model comes with 2 ride modes, a color TFT dashboard with impressively stacked data, and smartphone connectivity as well. Bits like ABS, ASC and LED lighting are standard stuff. Go up the trim table, and with a lot more dollars on the table, this BMW is treated with 2 more ride modes, wheelie control, slipper and assist clutch, and an electronic rear suspension.

BMW F 900 XR electronic rear suspension close-up view


This right here is a beautiful piece of equipment that improved the riding dynamics by a huge margin. And the best part is that damping can be adjusted automatically with the Dynamic Pro package. This allows for the perfect riding experience, despite the terrain change. The absence of cornering ABS is surely a bummer but BMW hasn’t left much unattended to and it doesn’t pose a major threat.

BMW F 900 XR Is A Sports Tourer That Can Commute Equally Well

BMW F 900 XR cornering view


The BMW F 900 XR is a machine that is built smart. This adventure motorcycle is unlike any other ADV from BMW, and it was very ahead of its time when it launched in 2019. It is compact, sleek, looks more like a sports bike than a tourer, and has impressively adaptive riding dynamics. It has the perfect weight balance and comes with loads of touring-centric accessories. This is a BMW that you can take for your urban needs as well as those long winding countryside rides. It doesn’t get more “Well-rounded” than that!


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