This Tata Harrier Wants to be a Rs 3.15 Crore Lamborghini Urus

This Tata Harrier Wants to be a Rs 3.15 Crore Lamborghini Urus

  • Aftermarket car modification houses conceptualize insane methods to make regular cars look unique and premium.
  • This Tata Harrier is a prime example of that.
  • It is being finished in a body kit inspired by the mighty Lamborghini Urus.

This is India’s first-ever Tata Harrier with a Lamborghini Urus body kit. It is simply unbelievable to witness what professional aftermarket car modification houses are able to achieve with their innovation. We have seen tons of cars being modified into something truly remarkable. But this has to be among the best modifications of a Tata Harrier you’ll ever see. In fact, the owner of the modification house highlights that he has never seen such a heavily modified version of any Tata car. Here are the details.

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Tata Harrier with Lamborghini Urus Body Kit

The video has been developed by 47 NATION on YouTube. The YouTuber excitedly shows the viewers a completely new avatar of the Harrier SUV. He is fairly certain that he has not seen any such modified version of the popular SUV. That makes this particular model even more special. As seen in the video, there is a lot to be done as the process is still in progress. Nevertheless, there is a clear path to what the finished product would look like.

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At the front, there is a massive body kit with a detailed bumper, and grille section neatly encompassing the headlamp cluster and the LED DRLs which will also be modified later. The contours on the bumper make the SUV beefy just like the Urus. On the sides, the wide body silhouette becomes the most apparent with extended front and rear fenders. In fact, the rear fender is more pronounced than the front lending it a broad rear profile. There are modified side body claddings and the ORVMs are finished in a BMW-like pattern.

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At the rear, the entire section under the boot lid has been heavily altered. There are fake dual exhausts and the skid plate area looks much sportier. Apart from that, there are broad 20-inch alloys installed on the Harrier with 2-inch spacers to prevent them from hitting the body of the SUV. The owner informs us that it will take around 2 weeks to complete this project. Also, the YouTuber promises to bring part 2 of this video with the finished product. What are your thoughts on this uniquely modified Tata Harrier with a Lamborghini Urus body kit?

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Tata Harrier with Lamborghini Urus Body Kit
Tata Harrier with Lamborghini Urus Body Kit

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