Top 10 Motorcycle Reviews of 2021

Cycle News Staff | December 31, 2021

Cycle News reviews all types of motorcycles and we dug into our Google Analytics to see which articles generated the most views in 2021. That ranking shows just how diverse the Cycle News readers are as it includes bikes in nearly every category. Like in years past, completely new models or significantly updated bikes generate the most attention. But sometimes, bikes you would not expect create a lot of curiosity. This list includes very expensive bikes with the latest technology as well as inexpensive models that provide a lot of bang for the buck. So which bikes pulled in the most views in 2021? Read on to find out.

Rennie Scaysbrook on the 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE+
This is a bike that oozes horsepower disguised with bags.

For 2021, the 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE + Review generated the most views. The sport-touring version of the supercharged H2 blows some minds. As Cycle News road test editor Rennie Scaysbrook noted, “no one needs this motorcycle.” But this motorcycle combines some versatility with a mind-blowing engine.

2022 Suzuki Hayabusa Review
You can just hear that inline four-cylinder powerhouse whispering, I’m back baby!

The new generation 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa was second on the list. It’s hard to think of another motorcycle as revered to a company as the Hayabusa is to Suzuki. Not just to Suzuki, the Hayabusa is one of those all-time bikes, part of an ultra-small selection of two-wheelers to have transcended the industry and captured the wider public’s imagination.

2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT parked
Old meets new. The Gold Wing in its element.

The 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT was a surprise top three on the list. The Gold Wing had some relatively minor updates for 2021 but like our staff, a lot of Cycle News readers are curious to find out how does this really perform and is this a bike that should earn a spot in their garage.

2022 Kawasaki KLR650
The KLR 650 is back with upgrades to meet the latest standards.

The 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650 is next on the list and it is another bike that has a long and storied history. So a new version updated with fuel injection and other updates is a big deal. Kawasaki did it right and we found this bike to be worthy of the KLR 650 badge.

Cycle News 2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT Review
The sport-touring sector is gaining some serious popularity, and Yamaha’s come out with some heat for 2022

Number five on the list was the 2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT. This model has changed names a few times and like the name, it’s all changed on the Tracer front for 2022. This is the first ground-up refresh of the model since 2015, with the 2019 edition being more of a stop-gap version.

2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan dual sport motorcycle
The 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan gets some updates to improve comfort and navigation.

Next on the list is the 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan. This bike surprised us when we first got to ride it in 2020 and it has some updates for the 2022 model year. The Royal Enfield brand has a long history and although the British marque has Indian owners, the company continues to thrive and the Himalayan is a great bike to represent that legacy.

2021 Kawasaki W800 Review
Inspired by the company’s W1 that ran from 1965 to 1974, the $9199 Kawasaki W800 runs a 773cc air-cooled twin

The 2021 Kawasaki W 800 is a bike that will attract people that are looking to get away from high-tech features. The air-cooled parallel twin is almost as old as the motorcycle itself. This engine layout formed the backbone of the British motorcycle industry during its heyday of the 1950s-’60s, but it’s near impossible to find such an item flowing from the British Isles today.

2021 Yamaha MT-07 front view
Easy, upright riding position means long days are not a problem for the Yamaha MT-07.

A long-term review of the 2021 Yamaha MT-07 had Cycle News road test editor Rennie Scaysbrook feeling that he found the perfect day-to-day motorcycle. The MT-07 is not that different in 2021 spec than it’s been for the previous six years. The throttle has been reworked for smoother low rpm/low-speed openings, there’s a new exhaust and muffler, and the gearbox shift action has been refined via different cut angles for the dog gears. But as Rennie noted, little change was a good thing for this bike.

2021 KTM 300 XC TPI wheelie
The KTM XC 300 TPI provides an awesome mix of speed and agility.

The 2021 KTM 300 XC TPI is another bike that received only small updates but it is already arguably the most technologically advanced two-stroke off-road motorcycle on the market. The KTM XC models are designed for closed-course off-road racing and this is a great weapon to have for GNCC, National Enduro and especially Hard Enduro racing. But it is equally good for anybody looking for a high-performance trail bike.

2022 Honda Grom in Yellow
The third-generation Honda Grom gets a styling makeover and a few performance enhancements.

The final bike on the top ten list is the 2022 Honda Grom. The Grom looks like a kid’s bike but it is comfortable for adults. It is the best-selling street motorcycle in the Honda lineup. The 2022 model is the third generation of the bike that was first introduced in 2014 and updates include a five-speed transmission (as opposed to the previous four-speed), wider gear ratios and a higher compression ratio along with new styling and other updates.

Here is the full list of the Cycle News top 10 motorcycle reviews for 2021 with links to the reviews for easy access:

  1. 2021 Kawasaki H2 SX SE +
  2. 2022 Suzuki Hayabusa
  3. 2021 Honda Gold Wing Tour Automatic DCT
  4. 2022 Kawasaki KLR 650
  5. 2022 Yamaha Tracer 9 GT
  6. 2022 Royal Enfield Himalayan
  7. 2021 Kawasaki W 800
  8. 2021 Yamaha MT 07
  9. 2021 KTM 300 XC TPI
  10. 2022 Honda Grom

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