Top Five Reasons Driving the Emergence of Adventure Motorcycle Segment in India

For the longest time, the Indian motorbike market was known for producing fuel-efficient daily commute motorcycles. Things slowly started changing after the mid-2000s and there was an emergence of mid-segment performance-oriented motorcycles. The new segment inspired manufacturers to experiment and affordable adventure motorcycles found their way to the market. The adventure motorcycle presented the blend of a dirt bike with practicality. The initial response, however, was cold and it got limited to a niche buyers base. But off late, with the launch of new adventure bike options in the 200 cc category, things have shown signs of improvement. Options like Hero Xpulse 200 and Honda CB200X aren’t just performing in their segment but are also tough competition to other motorcycles as well. The future of adventure motorcycles looks promising. But what is driving this demand change suddenly? Here we look at the possible factors behind the rising popularity of adventure motorcycles.

Can go anywhere! Literally

Adventure motorcycles come with extra ground clearance that allows the rider to take it on even in difficult terrains. While on smooth roads, these bikes are as good as any other street motorcycles, their utility comes in factor while exploring off-road terrains. The presence of all-purpose tyres and tailored suspension makes the experience smoother. The ride quality is equally good in daily use on most of the bikes.


Most adventure motorcycles in the market currently derive inspiration from rally models but with a mix of practicality in daily use. The aerodynamics fairing, large fuel tanks and high raked suspension makes the bike capable of handling tough conditions.

Young motorcycle riders seek thrill from their ride and prefer going long tours on two wheels in addition to daily use of bikes. So the mixture of rally bike design and practicality of daily commute bikes seems like the best option for them.

Touring Capabilities

Modern adventure motorcycles are designed to offer a better ride experience even on long rides. So, a sports or cafe racer bike may attract a lot of eyeballs, their utility in long tours are doubtable. Adventure bikes fill in this void of comfortable long rides and offer a good riding experience to the riders

Shift in Buyers’ taste

As we mentioned, the adventure motorcycles initially weren’t received with much response. However, off late, there has been a shift in terms of what riders want from their bike. Instead of daily commute, comfortable experience, riders now want thrill and noticeable presence on the road. These adventure bikes offer a good ride quality and the smaller engine options also make them pocket friendly

The flood of new products has given the buyers more options to choose from and they aren’t just limited to one or two option

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Better Buying capacity

Riders today are willing to spend more on their two-wheelers provided they get utility. So if a particular product can satisfy the need for long touring, off-roading and daily commute.

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