Watch Two Ferraris Fly To Their Doom In This Nerve-Wrecking Video

Watch Two Ferraris Fly To Their Doom In This Nerve-Wrecking Video

Many of us grew up fantasizing about a logo of a prancing horse on a red car. Ferrari is the most famous name in the exotic performance car world; for many, it is the ultimate goal of car ownership. Unlike any other brand, the Maranello-based marque has been at the forefront of the racing motorcar for the last 75 years.

So, picture the scene. You and a friend achieve the ultimate supercar dream. You’re side-by-side in your 296 GTB, and he is in his F12 Berlinetta. You’re picking up some speed on an unassuming Italian back road. However, in a lapse of concentration, you underestimate a sharp corner.

Well, If you wanted to see this in real life, look no further. Perhaps one of the craziest Ferrari crashes on the internet, this pair of cars had a doomed fate worthy of a movie. Let’s break down this crash and work out how much damage was done on a day that these drivers wish they could forget.

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The Worst Ferrari Crash On The Internet?

It’s a bold statement, but we think this is one of the worst Ferrari crashes ever caught on camera, and even gives this SF90 mishap a run for its money. For starters, it involves not one but 2 of the most sought-after Ferraris right now. And to add to that, the way they crashed is like nothing we’ve ever seen before. Luckily, judging by the video, none were harmed.

As the two cars approach a rather sharp left-hand bend, neither of them gives even the smallest signs of slowing down. They both immediately hit a berm directly in front of them and leap into the air at some pace. The footage captured was from a camera located on a house whose backyard and pool were covered in dirt and Ferrari parts after the incident.

Watch Two Ferraris Fly To Their Doom In This Nerve-Wrecking Video
Qevoh Via Reddit

The red 296 GTB was a Dutch-registered car whose final drive ended in the concrete wall of this Italian abode. Following it was a blue F12 Berlinetta that went flying into a wooden fence. After this tragedy, the car gods did their work and poof. The F12 goes up in flames with no chance of salvation.

And while we would never wish this kind of scenario on anyone, it must be said that these drivers knew just how careless they were being. The road they were on clearly gave them a view of the large house into which they eventually crashed, which begs the question, why didn’t they stop? Well, there is no credible answer to that as of now. But Italy24 News states that local police officers are examining the painful footage to “verify any responsibility”.

How Much Does A Ferrari 296 GTB Cost?

Red 2022 Ferrari 296 GTB Supercar Sleek Shape

The 296 GTB is Ferraris’s flagship sports car right now. Following on after the F90 Stradale, the 296 GTB is Ferrari’s latest plug-in-hybrid model. The 296 stands for 2.9 liters and six cylinders, while the GTB is short for Gran Turismo Berlinetta. It’s arguably one of the most beautiful cars to come out of Maranello in the last 20 years.

It’s been praised highly for its V6 engine, its sharp handling, and its fantastic usability as a grand tourer. We were so impressed that it earned the HotCars’ best supercar of 2022 tag as well. Despite all of this appraisal, it wasn’t enough for this owner to stop himself before binning it into a concrete wall. Anyway, If he wanted to buy a new one to replace it, he can expect to be paying around $350,000.

However, the Ferrari 296 GTB is so popular that it is now sold out for 2023. This means that any used cars are fetching a huge premium and are extremely rare to come by. Another side effect of this praise is that Ferrari collectors have flocked to buy it, meaning the 296 GTB is Ferraris’s hottest commodity right now.

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How Much Does A Ferrari F12 Berlinetta Cost?

Red 2014 Ferrari F12berlinetta
Mecum Auctions

The F12 Berlinetta combines a classic grand tourer design with a 730 HP V12. This makes it easily one of the greatest Ferraris of the 21st century. Easily taking care of the 0-60 MPH sprint in just 3 seconds, it’s certainly fast. Despite this impressive speed, it’s still capable of undertaking its grand tourer duties with a comfortable ride and all the usual creature comforts.

The Blue F12 in the above video will most definitely need to be replaced. The car was burnt to a crisp. A used F12 Berlinetta will set you back around $220,000 but could go up to around $310,000 for a low mileage/ high-spec one. Both cars lost to the accident were certainly worthy of future classic status, and we are gutted that they won’t be enjoyed for years to come.

Sources: Ferrari, Classic.Com, Youtube: BeneluxSuperCars/AntonioPioGuerra

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